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About For Kitty's Sake

For Kitty’s Sake is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. We work within our community to provide a safe haven, medical support, foster placement and adoptive homes for cats in need.

Reporting Abuse

You can help an animal by reporting animal cruelty or abuse to your local police department or county prosecutor's office. You can contact Gloucester County by calling (856) 384-5500.


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For Kitty's Sake not only provides care for animals every day, but also aids in fostering and improving quality of life for cats.


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When you volunteer with us, you are joining an awesome team that loves animals & wants to do what they can to help.


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How to stop kittens from biting

Do you want to correct the biting habit of your cat? While learning to stop kittens from biting, be patient with her. The cat is biting for a reason. Try to understand the reason and handle her carefully.

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Why spay & neuter your pets

By spaying or neutering your pet, you’ll help control the pet homelessness crisis. This results in healthy dogs and cats being euthanized in the United States each year because there aren’t enough homes.

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Keeping your pets safe in the home

Few things fill our hearts with joy like our pets, but there is a flipside to this – we worry about the furry members of our family just as much as we do our own children when wanting to keep them safe in our homes.

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Stop your cat from spraying/marking

Cats spray and mark their territory for a reason - once the reason for the behavior is identified and then eliminated, the urine marking can stop completely - sometimes even literally overnight.