About the Podcast

We were recently featured on a podcast for a Rowan University student’s digital journalism project with Animal Altruism.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify.

Animal Altruism aims to inform the public about organizations throughout the region that contribute to the well-being of animals. We show the impact these organizations have on the community, the animals and people that benefit from them, and the most beneficial ways to support each group.

To find out more about Animal Altruism with Abigail Twiford, you can visit her website.

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Podcast Guests

Melyssa and Joyce are two of our volunteers. Melyssa is the President of our board and Volunteer Coordinator. She regularly works Friday nights with Joyce who has been with our organization since 2019. She works during the day at a vet’s office and can’t get enough of our adoptable cats.

If you’re interested in volunteering with For Kitty’s Sake and being hands-on in our adoption center, we encourage you to fill out a volunteer application now.

Volunteers can help us with fundraising opportunities, like tabling events, participating in our bake sales, or help plan bigger fundraising events or work hands-on with the cats in our adoption center – or both! We rely on a strong team of volunteers to give a better/improved quality of life to animals in need in Gloucester County and surrounding areas.